That Wasn’t in My Planner

So…my plan today. Get up early, (well 8:00 is early in the summer), study a little for the review and celebration tonight. Get a shower, maybe do my nails (toes and fingers)  and let them dry. Go to church, and clean up a little, set up for Bible Study, get snacks at the grocery store for our final session for this particular study. Do a little somethin’, somethin’ on the computer for projection tonight, work on the chalkboard some. Busy day ahead.

My phone rings at 7:49, and Walker is sick. He has to leave daycare, and I’m more than happy to run get him (overjoyed really). We’ve played today, he hasn’t been sick at all (that’s good), he’s been so much fun. We’ve watched Pete’s Dragon, and Paw Patrol, among other things. Gran and Aunt Kellye came by for a visit, and got hugs and kisses.

I say all this to say, I was sad this week because he’s leaving for the beach at the end of the week and we wouldn’t get to see him all weekend (unusual). I should have known the Lord would provide. He is my shepherd; I lack nothing. (Psalm 23)

So I sit here and write while he naps.  I had to “make” the snacks for tonight, (I hope they’re good). I haven’t had a shower (Walker’s in my bed asleep. Heaven forbid, I wake him), or done my nails. Thank goodness I studied last night, and will have time still before 6. I’m waiting for Pops to come home, and I’ll put it in high gear.

I wouldn’t trade my time with Walker for anything in the world, (even if it’s because he’s sick). He’s the sweetest, kindest, smartest little two-year old I know.Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. (Proverbs 19:21) My purpose today, was to be with Walker, and consequently, to remember that you can make all kinds of plans, but sometimes HE has a better, much more important purpose for you.

Now, off to the races! Pops is here! Look out POG Women, here I come! Our session will be great tonight if we allow him to purpose our ways.



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