Manners and Faux Pas

Call me old-fashioned, but some things are becoming acceptable that once were not. When you consider what your grandparents told you, you must consider the times, but being respectful and nice never go out of style.

  • Don’t wear white to a wedding, unless you’re the bride. Don’t even wear off-white, because the bride might wear that color.
  • Don’t wear white shoes or pants after Labor Day or before Easter. Or just don’t wear them at all. They get very dirty. You’ll eat spaghetti that day, I’m certain.
  • Say “please”, and “thank you’. It’s proper for anyone, no matter how old you are. My almost 2-year old grandson says it. Please use nice words. Thank you.
  • Do not talk with your mouth full of food. Gross. Who wants to see that? Chew like you have a secret.
  • It’s rude to chew or smack your gum in public. If you can chew it discreetly, it’s okay. If not, spit it out!
  • Always tip your server. With money.
  • Children should always obey the adult in the room. (Of course there are exceptions, and you know what they are.)
  • Boys, meet the parents before the first date. Don’t pull in the driveway and blow the horn. Rude. Come inside, and meet the parents. And girls, don’t meet someone for the first date. Don’t be convenient. He needs to pick you up.
  • If he doesn’t treat you like a princess, he doesn’t deserve to be your prince.
  • Ask dad for her hand in marriage, that’s quickly going out of style.
  • Chivalry is almost dead. A man should always hold the door for a lady. Even the feminists. Sorry, not sorry.
  • Men, do the heavy lifting. You’re stronger. Sorry girls, they just are.
  • Be punctual. It’s rude to your host if you’re late.
  • The lady always orders first at the restaurant. Your food will arrive at the same time, promise.
  • If a handshake is necessary, wait for the woman to extend her hand first. Guys, don’t just assume.
  • The man should always walk on the outside of the sidewalk, let the lady walk on the inside.
  • The man should follow the lady upstairs, lest she falls backwards. Likewise, he should go before her when descending.
  • If you’re on a bus or train, or in church, etc., and someone is standing…offer them your seat. No matter your age or gender..
  • Don’t say, “what” or “huh”. Say, “Pardon me?”
  • Learn how to use a telephone, write a letter, and address an envelope.
  • And about that phone…excuse yourself when it rings. Don’t talk at the table or in the company of other people, unless it is an emergency. Just walk away if you must answer it.
  • If you receive a wedding gift, you’d better get that thank you note in the mail quickly.
  • Learn to listen with your mouth closed.
  • And last, but certainly not least, proper grammar will get you far in life.

“Never confuse etiquette with manners. Bad etiquette is using the dinner fork with your salad. Bad manners is pointing out that someone used their dinner fork with their salad.”  Anonymous


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  1. Those are all Great, but I’d like to add one. Yes mam, No mam, Yes sir and No sir. Those are not popular in the north where one of my granddaughters goes to college and some of the kids make fun of her, but it’s a delight to me anytime a young person uses it around me.

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