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At this time of the year, we celebrate the splendor of God’s creation in the beauty of the flowers, and the sound of chirping blue jays. We enjoy our families with rituals of food and fellowship, laughter and play. Some of us will also sit in services of silence with sacred readings, or celebration music and uplifting words of encouragement. We will reflect on the holy, and the sanctity of all life.

In the Christian calendar, yesterday was Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. During this week Christians are asked to consider the meaning of Jesus’ death on the cross, an event that took place almost two thousand years ago. What will you do to honor Holy Week?

I started with alone time at church this morning. I had to go to church to pick up some music for a friend. I got up a little earlier than normal, and left home earlier than I intended. I’ve never been to church that early in the morning. The quiet enveloped me. After locating the music I was looking for, I sat on the front row, as I had several minutes to spare before going into work. I sat there and looked around at the beautiful place of worship that God has given us and thanked Him.

I thanked God for the moving Palm Sunday service that we had yesterday, and for the reminder of His shed blood and broken body through the Lord’s Supper. I prayed for our people, and for Easter Sunday, that we might glorify Him. I prayed that I might glorify Him, so that they might know Him. I sat for a while and was just there. Alone. With God.

I enjoyed starting my day like that. I must do it again very soon. Church at 6:30 am is not so bad.

I will honor Holy Week by remembering that Jesus “took my sin and my sorrow and made them his very own. He bore my burden to Calvary, and suffered and died alone.” (Gabriel, 1905)

I Stand Amazed in the Presence: Charles H. Gabriel, (1905)


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