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My dear friend, Stacey’s, son is missing. His name is Jabe Duncan. Jabe has spent the better part of the last year and a half in a teen challenge program to rehabilitate him from the use of drugs. His parents sold everything they owned, and worked several jobs to get him into this  program. He graduated this past December, and was currently still seeing a therapist. He disappeared today from school around 10:30. School, the place you think your child is out of danger, and unable to sneak away, or be taken.  If you know anything of his whereabouts, please contact someone.  I have encouraged mom that he WILL come home, and to not give up.

Another dear friend lost her high school-aged son this past summer to drug use. He was popular, a great guy, a great athlete — made a wrong choice. After his death, teachers, law enforcement, churches, the community, almost everyone wanted to be involved with the “drug problem” that the youth in our community face every day. They see it at school, at home, on the street, almost everywhere they go.

I have an opinion, and I’ve shared it before. It wasn’t met with great response, but I still hold to that opinion.

People can rally together all they want to, and have as many forums as they want to, and educate kids all they want to, we’re still going to have a drug problem, and kids are going to participate if he/she thinks they will be “left out” if they don’t. Until law enforcement cracks down on the people that are providing drugs, we’re going to have a drug problem. As long as kids see their parents living like it’s okay to do whatever makes you feel good, we’re going to have a drug problem. As long as our city officials are saying, it’s okay to have an alcohol district, (who are you kidding? You can drink between these boundary lines, and at this time of day…give me a break), we’re going to have a drug problem. Kids think you’re lame because you drink alcohol in front of them; they want to do something different, bigger, and better. Something to get a stronger “buzz” than  what you might be getting. As long as our kids are watching people they consider mentors out whooping it up on the weekends, and back to business on Monday, we’re going have a drug problem. Until they decide to put God back in our schools and in the lives of our children (not just taking them to church, but showing them Jesus), we’re going to have a drug problem. It doesn’t take a village to raise our kids, it takes parents. The village idea is an old African Proverb that Hilary Clinton penned in her book. I prefer the other Book for instruction on how to raise a child. Good kids make bad choices. It’s not a village problem, or a parent problem. Until we get rid of the drugs, it’s going to be there, killing our kids. Show them Jesus. It’s not up to the schools, or city officials to fix it. It’s a drug problem. It’s a heart problem. It’s a sin problem. Show them Jesus.

Deuteronomy 6:7-9 ~ Write these commandments that I’ve given you today on your hearts. Get them inside of you and then get them inside your children. Talk about them wherever you are, sitting at home or walking in the street; talk about them from the time you get up in the morning to when you fall into bed at night. Tie them on your hands and foreheads as a reminder; inscribe them on the doorposts of your homes and on your city gates.

Update: Reported Wednesday evening February 8, Jabe has been found and is safe. We are thankful.



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  1. I love u Kendra smith, I am going to make my testament bold, because of Jesus, and you. Thank you for saying what you said. Coming from experience, I could not have shared my sentiments any better, I totally agree with you. I sat in Scott Walls office right after our athletic friend overdosed and we discussed this problem and what could be done to fix it, Scott does care, but his jurisdiction is different than where Our Problem is hitting us. It is being sold in our schools and until you find those dealers and lock them up and throw away the key and let the others see what will happen when they sell to our youth, it will stop. Our children are not learning who Jesus is and how wonderful life is under His rules, Jesus is love and our parents hardly even know their children. I have talked to parents of out of control youth. They buy them everything under the sun thinking if they don’t the child will not love them, or if little Johnny has one your son has to have one too. I gave all to God when I saw my life and my soul had gone to the devil. I said Lord, I give u all because I cannot control my life and I know you can, please help me Lord, you know I can’t go anywhere without a bottle in my pocket, take my life Lord I give it all to yo, I surrender. Oh Oh the release that came over me, I honestly believe it was then that I received the gift of the Holy Spirit. I felt as if Jesus had opened my chest and all this love started pouring out. I was telling everyone at UAB that I loved them, I had just died the night before from a staff infection after the car accident that put me there and that’s a different story, when you are at the top of the ceiling looking down at the drs. And nurses trying to shock your heart back it will make you redirect a lot of things in your life. You are doing the right thing Kendra, Jesus is missing and if these parents don’t start trying a little harder to help their child find Him, they might loose him. Take care

  2. Amen! So very well said! I would add that we are at war… spiritual war! And the enemy truly is prowling around seeking whom he can devour. He wants the souls of our kids… your soul, my soul! We must be equipped to wage a spiritual assault on the enemy! Read your bible, pray, live a holy &
    Righteous life to glorify our Heavenly Father! It could make the difference between life and death!

    1. Stacey, I am so sorry to hear this news. I have been praying for your family and will continue. I understand completely. It is a war with Satan. It is a daily battle. Will continue to pray.

  3. You are right on it Stacy, I am so sorry you are faced with this, but I know your love for Jesus and the truth and your faith will bring Jabe home, and if he has to start over recognize it as that. His pain will be there for failing if he does. We are here to help him move on and start over, he doesn’t have to stay where he is at the time, God has given him the tools he will need to make a new start, it is the progression of the desease. When he really feels Jesus with the open arms saying come to me and lay your burdens upon me and I will give your soul rest, and he will too. You know and your faith will bring him home. I love you all and God loves you even more

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