What Makes My Heart Beat

Noah and Tony

“Brylcreem, a little dab’ll do ya

Brylcreem, you look so debonair

Brylcreem, the girls will all pursue ya

They’ll wanna run their fingers through your hair”

If you don’t remember that jingle, you’re probably too young to be reading this.

Those two ↑, they’re my heart and soul. Handsome guys, that share the same passion for all things Auburn football, and basketball. They are so alike, while being so different, and they both love me unconditionally.

Below is one of my favorite pictures of my boy. He looks so debonair. And sweet Laurlyn will become a permanent member of the family this September; we’re very excited! She will graduate in May from the University of Mobile, where they met and fell in love. She’s beautiful, has an unfaltering love for God, and she is a crazy-talented dancer, and vocalist. She’s an aerial silk performer worthy of a Cirque du Soleil-type standing ovation.

Lala and Debonair

Jacob and Anna have been married for almost 4 years. Jacob has been a blessing to our family, and we can’t imagine a time before him. He loves his family, and works very hard to provide for them. He’s incredibly smart, so don’t try to stump him, especially if it’s math. He’s a Kentucky Wildcat/Auburn Tiger, if you can be both at the same time, and loves the Atlanta Braves. We are so thankful his mom and dad decided to start a family the same time we did.

We’re so proud of Jacob and Anna, and how they rock parenting in this crazy world.

Jacob and Anna
Noah sharing wisdom

Noah was my second born, and is most like me,     in that he can be a bit, let’s call it persuasive, at times.

He has a beautiful soul, and a heart for God and for people. He is strong, smart, and loving, and does everything with his eyes wide open. He sees no race, religion, or gender. He sees a person in need of God’s grace. He has taught the rest of us many things, despite being the youngest.


Mommy and Walker catching some ‘toons

I love this photo of Anna and Walker. Anna is the rhythm of my heart. When she was a baby, I worried about how I was going to teach my little girl to be strong, to stand up for herself and to believe in herself and her abilities. Then she started to develop her own personality, and I realized that those things weren’t going to be problems. My daughter is strong and smart; she is strong in ways I never have been. I’m no longer worried about someone stepping all over her — I’m more concerned about the one that tries it.

She loves the Lord, and has this amazing voice she uses for His glory.

I love having a daughter, but mostly I love having my daughter.

And finally, the apple of my eye, Walker. The name Walker is from an English surname which referred to the medieval occupation of a walker. Walkers would tread on wet, unprocessed wool in order to clean and thicken it. Our Walker will tread on your wet, processed, floor, clothes, hair, wool rugs, furniture, anything you might not want him treading on, and we still praise him to the skies. Sometimes I think he should have been called Runner. He mostly treads on our hearts though, and we think he’s the bomb diggity.

It’s a bond like no other-the unconditional love grandparents have for their grandchildren. He is an absolute joy to our lives, and we have joined the population of people that understand why they’re called GRAND. It’s really quiet when he’s not here.

I look forward to our next sleepover.


These are my people, they’re why I get up every day.

The Brylcreem jingle was just a little extra 🙂






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